Waxahachie High School Students Win ‘Scholarship Game’


Local Participants Win Rewards and Outperform Financial Markets in Simulation

Life School students learned first-hand the value of long-term investing through the SIFMA Foundation stock market game. The game is an educational program used by hundreds of Texas teachers to “boost students’ knowledge of math, economics, and personal finance, while improving their test scores and instilling in them essential skills for a financially secure future.” independent”.

Life School students began the simulation with an imaginary investment of $100,000 to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Students were tasked with monitoring the news to make informed trades in real time using SMG software. Life School students competed with teams from other schools in the state.

In the Dallas Area High School category, Life High School Waxahachie took first place, dropping from $100,000 to $131,814.12. Under the leadership of sponsor teacher Cameron Grizzle, the LHSW team of Larry Housewright, Alejandro Vazquez and Lucas McNeal increased their investments by 31.8%, surpassing the Dallas area’s second-place finisher by 8.5%. Their rank was particularly remarkable compared to the 2,600 participating teams.

Principal Candace Johnson said, “I am so proud of our students at LHSW. Their performance, ranking 6th out of 2,600 teams is impressive! Life School is privileged to have teachers like Mr. Grizzle who give students the opportunity to see how the skills they learn can be applied in their adult lives.

With such a performance, the LHSW team has not only gained knowledge and experience uncommon among American students; it is increasingly rare in American adults. According to studies compiled by the US Financial Literacy and Education Commission, only one-third of adults can answer at least four out of five financial literacy questions on concepts such as mortgages, interest rates, inflation and risk.

True to its founding mission of developing leaders with life skills, Life School continues to champion financial literacy among its students. Through its innovative LifeLeader program, the district encourages students to think about key financial questions such as “Is this a responsible way to spend my money?” “What is my plan for current and future financial stability?” and “Do I feel confident in my savings plan?” Although aimed at helping students achieve long-term happiness, LifeLeader’s focus on financial literacy is less about wealth and more about contentment. Life School ensures that its graduates know how to earn, save and live a fulfilling life.


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