Thai digital asset pioneer Akalarp faces turbulence


It registered Zipmex Technology Co Ltd on March 11, 20202 with a registered capital of 50 million baht.

On November 8, 2021, it registered Zipmex Thai Subsidiary Co Ltd with a registered capital of 51 million baht.

And Zipmex Thai Group was registered on January 20, 2022 with a registered capital of 26.01 million baht and Akalarp as the founder.

On January 20, 2022, it registered Zipmex Thai Holding Co Ltd with a registered capital of 1.961 million baht.

Akalarp is the third child of Chaiya Yimwilai, a professor of political science at Thammasat University, and Tipsuda Yimwilai, a well-known television presenter.

He earned a Bachelor of Laws from Bloomsbury University in London and a Masters of Laws from Georgetown University before earning a PhD in Public Administration from Sripathum University.

He is a lawyer specializing in financial and stock markets and worked for nearly 10 years in a trust company as a senior executive.

He said he became interested in digital asset trading when he was studying in England after receiving financial services there. He gained more experience in digital asset trading when he studied for his master’s degree in the United States.

He found that Thailand lags behind in digital asset technologies like several other Asia-Pacific countries. He anticipated that digital asset trading would one day happen in Thailand, so he talked with Lim about creating the Zipmex Thailand platform.

It initially aimed to make Zipmex Thailand and its partner Zipmex Global the leading digital asset trading platform in Asia-Pacific, but falling currency prices and the partner’s liquidity crunch dealt it a blow. .


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