Shares of GCP Infrastructure Investments (LON:GCP) break below the two-hundred-day moving average of $110.06


The share price of GCP Infrastructure Investments Limited (LON:GCP – Get Rating) fell below its 200-day moving average during Friday’s session. The stock has a 200-day moving average of 110.06 GBX ($1.35) and is trading as low as 109 GBX ($1.34). Shares of GCP Infrastructure Investments last traded at 109.80 GBX ($1.34), with a volume of 1,115,285 shares traded in hands.

The stock has a market cap of £970.24 million and a price to earnings ratio of 15.46. The company has a debt ratio of 17.82, a quick ratio of 46.14 and a current ratio of 46.14. The company’s 50-day simple moving average is 114.52 GBX and its two-hundred-day simple moving average is 110.06 GBX.

The company also recently disclosed a dividend, which was paid on Tuesday, June 7. Shareholders of record on Thursday, May 5 received a dividend of 1.75 GBX ($0.02). The ex-dividend date was Thursday, May 5. This represents a return of 1.5%. The dividend payout ratio of GCP Infrastructure Investments is currently 1.01%.

Separately, insider Dawn Crichard acquired 21,003 shares of the company in a trade on Monday, April 25. The shares were purchased at an average price of 119 GBX ($1.46) per share, for a total transaction of £24,993.57 ($30,614.37). Additionally, insider Andrew Didham acquired 25,862 shares of the company in a trade on Thursday, April 21. The stock was purchased at an average price of 116 GBX ($1.42) per share, for a total transaction of £29,999.92 ($36,746.59).

About GCP Infrastructure Investments (LON: GCP)

GCP Infrastructure Investments Limited focuses on investing in UK infrastructure debt. The Company makes infrastructure investments by acquiring equity interests in debt securities issued by infrastructure project companies. It invests primarily in senior and subordinated debt securities.

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