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TL; DR: pay what you want for it set of photographic elements.

When you create a website, do you fill it with photos from stock image sites? These can certainly be high quality, but subscriptions can also be expensive. If you’re only looking for a few types of images, you might not need a full photo subscription. You may also not have to pay much. The pay what you want has photo collections for food, nature, city transportation, people, and miscellaneous items, and you just have to pay what you want to get them.

You decide how many assets you get when you decide how much you want to pay. Beat the average price and walk away with all five photo packs. Don’t want all the photos? So pay less.

If you get the full pack, you get unlimited access to all five asset packs. This includes images of food and drink, nature and animals, “things”, urban transport and people.

Altogether, the collection includes high-quality images that you can use in your website templates, blog or business. A 2020 study found that just looking at pictures of cute animals can help reduce stress. Want to give your website a soothing effect? Take a look at the pictures of the batch of animals and relax. People can define “cute” differently, but there are 24 images in this collection, so you have options.

The entire photo collection comes from Pawel Kadysz, professional photographer and founder and CEO of

Looking for a dynamic way to add some life to your website? These high-quality photo resources could be ideal, especially because you choose what you pay for them. For a limited time, get the Photography Set Assets for a price you decide. Beat the average price and get the full package. Beat the leader prize on the leaderboard and you’ll be entered to win an amazing prize.

Girl taking a picture

Girl taking a picture

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