Mirae Asset Global Investments’ TIGER ETFs Exceed KRW 30 Billion in Net Assets

The total net assets of Mirae Asset Global Investments’ Tiger ETFs topped 30 trillion won.

Mirae Asset Global Investments announced on Aug. 17 that the total net assets of its Tiger ETFs exceeded 30 trillion won.

The total net assets of 142 TIGER ETFs stood at 30.48 trillion won as of the close of the Korean stock market on August 16. The funds’ net assets increased by 3,811.3 billion won this year. It took about a year for the funds’ net assets to increase by 10 trillion won after posting 20 trillion won in August 2021.

Mirae Asset Global Investments entered the ETF market in 2006 by listing three Tiger ETFs on the Korea Stock Exchange. Since then, it has launched ETFs with different themes and in different sectors, allowing investors to distribute their assets globally through these funds alone.

The ETF that has seen the biggest increase in net assets this year is the Tiger US S&P 500 ETF. Its net assets have increased by 688.2 billion won since the start of the year. This ETF tracks the S&P 500, one of the three major US indices that reflects the overall economic situation in the United States.

After the Tiger US S&P 500 ETF, the Tiger US Philadelphia Semiconductor NASDAQ ETF saw an increase of 522.1 billion won and the Tiger US NASDAQ 100 ETF an increase of 474 billion won in net assets. In addition, Mirae Asset Global Investments manages 10 ETFs with net assets of over 1 trillion won, including Tiger China Electric Vehicle Solactive ETF, Tiger NASDAQ 100 ETF and Tiger 200.

The global ETF management scale of Mirae Asset Global Investments is also up sharply. It established a global ETF network by acquiring Canada’s Horizons ETFs in 2011, US Global X ETFs in 2018 and Australian ETFs in 2022.

At the end of July, assets under management for Mirae Asset’s global ETFs stood at 110,821.3 billion won, more than five times the 21,360 billion won at the end of 2017. Horizons ETFs, which amounted to approximately 3.6 trillion won at the time of acquisition in 2011, has increased more than sixfold to 22 trillion won. Global X also grew more than fivefold to 51 trillion won, up from around 10 trillion won when it was acquired in 2018.


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