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Jamestown High School junior Kylee Williamson is pictured with her awards after a 10th place finish in the WNY JA Stock Market Challenge. Photo submitted

Jamestown High School junior Kylee Williamson placed tenth out of 500 students participating in the April 2022 WNY Junior Achievement Scholarship Challenge.

Kylee was one of only three students to place in the Top 10 and received the following prizes for her Top 10 finish: a $10 Tops Markets gift card, Ken Rusk’s book “Blue Collar Money” and an iPad.

“Kylee has developed a strong investment portfolio that has led to his financial success,” said Amy Schultze, an introductory business teacher at Jamestown High School and JCC College Connections. “In class, students learned the fundamentals of stocks and investment strategies. Kylee went through a tough month on the stock market and came out a winner! Way to represent JHS!

During the spring, both sections of the class, comprising 42 students, assessed the fundamentals of investing. Kylee’s classmates discussed an individual’s risk tolerance and how it influences their investment decisions. Students studied stock market concepts before starting the stock market challenge, such as: earnings per share, price-earnings ratio, average rate of return, and other investment fundamentals. Learners weighed the pros and cons of investing in diversified mutual funds versus investing in individual stocks.

“Providing students with a solid foundation in personal finance and business development will allow them to focus on long-term financial planning and investment strategies,” Schultze said.

The purpose of the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge is to give students a better understanding of trading strategies and portfolio management. Students learned to use a variety of financial instruments while balancing the risks and rewards of investment strategies and decisions. The stock market challenge used real stock market quotes, trends and analysis. The students made their own trades through the HowtheMarketWorks.com online stock market challenge platform using $25,000 in play money.

Kylee Williamson

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