investing in the stock market: ETMarkets Investor’s Guide: Top Themes Atul Suri Is Bullish On and Why

Welcome to the ETMarkets Investor’s Guide, a show about asset classes, market trends and investment opportunities. I am Saloni Goel.

Domestic stocks are climbing a wall of worry. Whether it’s a spike in commodity prices due to the Russian-Ukrainian war and the rise in Covid cases in China or the tightening of monetary policy in the United States, the domestic market has made showing resilience against its emerging market peers and is not far from record highs .

ETMarkets’ Amit Mudgill spoke with Atul Suri, CEO of Marathon Trends Advisor, to find out what’s behind the bullish market sentiment. Suri also spoke about lessons for investors from FY22 and sectors that could beat market returns in FY23.

Welcome to the show, sir.

1) The market discounts positive and negative futures, and moves on. What do you think current market valuations take into account? What does the market ignore?

2) Earnings season is early. What are your expectations this time around? What kind of management comments might we see for FY23?

3) The Russian-Ukrainian war and rising cases in China were off the market agenda. There is now also talk of the fourth wave in India. Dalal Street has held up well so far. Do you think Indian stocks could continue to perform well against their global peers?

4) What is the main lesson investors should take away from FY22?

5) What will be your sector choices for FY23 and why?

Thank you Mr Suri. That’s all in this week’s special podcast. Keep checking this space for more great content and take the time to follow our market podcasts twice a day. Stay safe and have a nice weekend!


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