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FINANCIAL planning at any stage of your life is really important and UK based 3B Investments will seek to guide you through the process.

“It’s all about making your money work for you,” says 3B Chief Investment Officer Dan Morrell.

Dan worked for 15 years in finance before becoming involved with 3B which only deals with UK investment portfolios instead of offering investment opportunities from different countries.

His past experience was in retirement products where he saw growing client frustration with excessive charges and poor returns, which played a big part in his diversifying in a different direction.

Dan believes Spaniards should have access to respected and trusted British investments, regardless of age.

According to the 3B Investments philosophy, taking control of your personal finances and planning ahead is crucial.

Dan Morel

“Everyone is different,” says Dan, “and that’s why we want to put the best investments in place for you that will grow in value over time. »

3B offers two types of investments, namely something that is indexed to the stock market or a product that offers a fixed rate return.

The firm does not act as a direct agent for any particular firm, which means it is free to look around to see what is right and perfectly suited for each client.

“We present people with a variety of options and the right tools to secure someone’s future,” Dan said.

“We are impartial and independent and have access to a wide variety of products that provide flexibility,” he added.

Some of the options include bank and savings accounts; obligations ; stock market investments; and even crypto funds for the more adventurous.

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“We want investments that will allow customers to earn interest on their interest,” Dan added.

“And you will never be forced into an investment decision because of our neutrality.”

A dedicated 3B Account Manager will provide support throughout the investment period to keep clients fully informed.

So if you’re looking for a retirement nest egg or want to save for something special, contact 3B for a free, no-obligation conversation.

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Consultations can be done over the phone or over the internet in a Zoom chat.

Dan Morrell says, “Everyone should take control of their money and we will contribute to that goal in an unbiased way. »

For details call 3B Investments on 0044 7960483885 or email [email protected]

Or check out their website here.


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