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Let’s say you collect rare vinyl records, invest in rental properties, own a few NFTs, and have a strong belief in Ethereum. Plus, you have traditional blue-chip tech stocks, a box of rare coins, and a small business.

Simultaneously, an international reserve announces that it will raise interest rates again, and an $ETH whale decides to put $260 million in cold storage. Then, a push notification to your phone alerts you to a wave of people defaulting on their rent payments across the country.

Elon Musk announces on Twitter: “Does anyone still buy Bored Apes? Lol”, and all of a sudden you get this nauseous “the emperor has no clothes” feeling.

When times are good, it’s a nice thing to check our wallets. This feeling of warmth and satisfaction that we feel is accompanied by the feeling that we could probably be peers of Albert Einstein. However, in turbulent times, it is necessary to be able to obtain a global overview of our assets in real time to stay ahead of the 100 foot wave as it breaks behind us.

Given the scenario above, how many apps, websites, and spreadsheets do you need? Maybe you need to check the value of your combined assets daily after a morning of bad financial news, Elon tweets and market predictions?

Why not just one, right?

The financial services sector reached a healthy CAGR of 9.9% as it recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic – with retail investors booming and a burning housing market, rising fuel prices and soaring inflation.

To enable investors to hedge against uncertainty while taking advantage of rapidly growing consumer demand in the fintech market, was founded by three serial entrepreneurs who wanted to find a way to allow investors to track and manage their money across a variety of traditional and alternative investment vehicles from a single interface.

The company’s innovative investment tracking ecosystem provides a holistic view of a wide range of traditional and alternative investment vehicles such as collectibles, real estate, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency, as well as traditional banking services such as mortgages, loans, withdrawals/deposits, cash, certificate of deposits and business accounts.

Most importantly, users have tools to track, analyze, and have full control of all assets and investments, all in one place.

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