F/m Investments Announces Launch of US Benchmark Series


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–F/m Investments (“F/m”), a $4 billion multi-boutique investment advisor based in Washington, D.C., is proud to announce the launch of the US Benchmark Series, a suite of Treasury ETFs (“the Fund”) aiming to balance the yield curve. This initiative, a collaboration between F/m brands North Slope Capital LLC and Genoa Asset Management LLC, with support from The RBB Fund, Inc (“RBB”), will make it easier than ever for investors to access the U.S. Treasury market. .

The US Benchmark Series (www.ustreasuryetf.com) will allow investors of all sizes to hold each of the “benchmark” US Treasuries in a single ETF. Each Sub-Fund will hold the most recent (“runaway”) US Treasury security corresponding to its stated duration. The first three ETFs are listed today on NASDAQI are the 10-year US Treasury ETF (ticker: UTEN); the 2-year US Treasury ETF (ticker: UTWO); and the 3-Month US Treasuries ETF (ticker: TBIL). Each ETF will track an ICE index specific to its tenor. (For more information on indices, please visit https://indices.theice.com/.

“The potential applications for these ETFs are limitless and yet to be discovered,” said Peter Baden, chief investment officer of Genoa Asset Management, co-creator of the US Benchmark series and portfolio manager of the funds. “Ease of access, tax efficiency and a derivatives market on these ETFs are just a few examples of how they seek to provide superior targeted access to the US Treasury market.”

This expansion into ETFs further strengthens F/m’s ability to support its affiliates and customers. F/m promotes the growth and independence of foreign boutiques, retail stores and asset managers looking to access the US market.

“We believe the US Benchmark Series will revolutionize financial markets, making the most liquid securities (US Treasuries) accessible to everyone in a simplified way,” said Alexander Morris, F/m Chairman, CIO and co. -creator of US Benchmark. Series. “We’re balancing the yield curve, giving investors low-friction access to US Treasuries, as well as the ability to short or potentially use stock options to express rate views.”

The yield curve is the basis of almost all investments. These ETFs now offer investors the following:

  • Simplified access to US Treasury securities with current benchmark duration.

  • Monthly dividends, providing a more frequent and regular payment of interest than holding the underlying securities.

  • Automatic rollers that provide consistent reference exposure without the hassle or extra cost.

  • At $50 per share, the ability to trade in fractions of the size of traditional bonds.

  • Other benefits and operational efficiencies of ETFs:

    • Tax efficiency

    • Intraday liquidity with stock trading and settlement

    • Access to short and time-sell options, making it easy to express a variety of views on US rates

The primary market maker for the Funds will be Jane Street Capital (“Jane Street”), a leading global liquidity provider trading over 5,000 ETFs globally. Initial funding for the US Benchmark Series will come from Jane Street, Mirae Asset Securities (USA) Inc and several other investment firms who look forward to supporting the market for these new products. “We are always happy to support product innovation in the ETF market,” said a Jane Street spokesperson. “The US Benchmark Series expands access to the Treasury bond markets, providing investors with greater flexibility and ease in achieving their individual investment goals.”

RBB’s independent, open-architecture platform enables advisors to customize solutions at a lower cost.

“Most people today look to fintech and crypto for innovation, but the US Benchmark series – which offers nearly universal access to investing across the yield curve – strikes me as one of the biggest innovations of recent years,” said Arnold Reichman, Chairman. of the RBB Fund.

About F/m investments

F/m is a $4 billion multi-boutique investment advisory platform designed to take on 100% of the non-investment responsibilities of an asset management firm. F/m enables growth and independence for boutiques, lift-outs and foreign asset managers looking to access the US market. F/m provides portfolio managers with institutional-grade investment systems, business operations, and marketing and sales support, allowing talented managers to focus on what they do best: managing investments and driving performance . Genoa Asset Management is part of the F/m family, managing over $600 million in taxable and tax-exempt bonds, providing customized fixed income solutions for SMA, UMA and institutional clients. Capital of the North Slope is a newly created F/M brand, designed as a white label consultancy to help advisers navigate the 1940 Act space. For more information, please visit www.fm-invest.com and www.genoaam.com.

About RBB Fund, Inc.

The RBB Fund, Inc., the first organized multi-series trust founded in 1988, is a registered mutual fund corporation organized as a serial trust. RBB is a turnkey ETF and mutual fund solution that allows an investment advisor to focus on their core asset management competency and shift responsibility for establishment, servicing and corporate governance of funds at RBB. RBB oversees approximately $19 billion in assets, supporting 11 separate investment advisers, over 20 unaffiliated sub-advisors and over 40 mutual fund or ETF offerings. For more information, visit www.rbbfund.com

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. To obtain a prospectus or a summary of the prospectus containing this and other information about the Fund, please call (888) 123-4589 or visit our website at www.ustreasuryetf.com. Read the prospectus or summary of the prospectus carefully before investing.

Investments involve risk. Main loss is possible.

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