Dizraptor app opened access to private tech investments


Middletown, UK, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In March 2022, Dizraptor, one of the first apps for private equity investments, went public. Now you can invest in Impossible Foods, SpaceX, Calm, Neuralink and other private companies as easily as you trade on the stock market. The app works on iOS and Android phones.

Dizraptor allows you to build a portfolio of innovative companies in the pre-IPO and intermediate phase. Now let’s see what pre-IPOs mean, why they produce a higher return than the stock market, and how to invest in private companies through the Dizraptor app.

Invest in rare pre-IPO stocks

Every investor dreams of making a foolproof investment in future Teslas. Dizraptor offers such an opportunity by providing access to investments in unlisted companies.

These are large private companies. Late-stage investments have high return potential and carry less risk than early-stage venture capital investments.

These are long-term investments. Most of the time, the app offers investments 1-3 years before a company is listed. These investments are also known as pre-IPO. Their advantage is that investors are less likely to lose their money on emotion – private markets are not as volatile as public markets.

These are novelties. The high return potential of private companies is largely due to the fact that they are new businesses. They are operating in new markets that have virtually no competition yet and are creating technologies that other companies are not considering.

Ark Invest predicts rapid market growth for disruptive technologies: from $14,000,000 today to $200,000,000 in 2030. AI, e-learning, brainchips, metaverses, artificial life, 3D-printed houses, vertical farms, and extremely fast-charging batteries are some of the industries to invest in through the Dizraptor app.

Why These Stocks Will Grow Fast

Venture capital investments are on the rise. The number of private equity transactions soared to $74 billion in 2018 from $2 billion in 2001 (Pitchbook). Companies themselves are in no rush to go public – The Financial Times estimates that the average time for a company from founding to going public has increased from 5 years in 2011 to 11 years by 2020 .

The number of large companies in the secondary market is also increasing – they grow by absorbing venture capital investments and maximize their value before going public. According to Crunchbase, the number of unicorns — private companies valued at $1 billion or more — tripled in 2021 alone.

The majority of these companies already have a finished product and are well known in the market. Airbnb, Coursera, Robinhood and Udemy were private a few years ago, but their products were used by people around the world. SpaceX, while still private, single-handedly disrupted the space industry and hit a whopping $100 billion valuation in the fall of 2021.

Dizraptor analysts point out that young private companies grow faster than large listed companies.

The graph shows the dynamics of private companies featured in the Dizraptor app compared to the top 500 listed companies in the United States.

At the end of the line : new companies grow quickly, but they wait longer to go public. The unicorn club has reached 1,000 current private unicorns with promising products. Dizraptor helps capitalize on their growth within the private market.

Create your own disruptive portfolio

Dizraptor analysts select leading technology companies and publish information on each of them. You can choose a company directly in the application and place an investment. From there, in your personal account, you can follow the evolution of the share price and the evolution of the company until its IPO. The exit is the main event that all investors are waiting for. When the company starts trading and the lock-up period is over, investors get their return.

This application will prove useful even for users who have not yet started investing. This will help them understand how the secondary market works. You can read the How It Works section, watch videos on disruptive new technologies, scroll through the News Feed, or study tech industry analytics.

The private equity market is still uncharted territory for most investors, but it will become a top investing trend in the years to come. Those who will adopt new private equity investment applications – gain the upper hand. And Dizraptor will help you with that. The application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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