Criminal Assets Bureau will name and shame criminals under proposed new powers


The Criminal Assets Bureau could have the power to publish information about criminals who have entered into agreements with the Bureau under proposals considered by the Minister of Justice.

Proceeds and property deemed purchased with the proceeds of crime by the High Court may be seized by the CAB.

The homes of criminals are often seized by the Bureau and are usually sold at auction. There have been calls for these properties to be added to local authority social housing stock.

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Justice Minister Helen McEntee said naming criminals who made deals with the CAB “will have a deterrent effect”.

She told the Independent: “I think in a way it could and hopefully will act as a deterrent, but also make it very clear to the community and the public who CAB is dealing with, who he works.”

“I hope that in itself will be something that strengthens the CAB a little more.”

The Fine Gael minister also wants to reduce the time it takes for the CAB to seize assets from seven to three and a half years.

She said: ‘What that basically means is that you could have a criminal whose house has an order on it, but they can live in the house for seven years before it actually enters the Exchequer and before anything could happen to him.

“And for me, that’s too long, and the review pointed that out as well. In that type of situation, you don’t have anyone left who can profit from their earnings through crime.

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