Canadians are rethinking their financial goals after the pandemic: poll


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TORONTO — A new study has found that the pandemic has given Canadians a chance to rethink their financial goals, with many having moved away, changed careers and planned to travel.

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The study, conducted by Maru Public Opinion on behalf of CIBC in early August, found that 67% of Canadians are reassessing their priorities as COVID-19 restrictions come to an end.

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The survey asked about 1,500 randomly selected Canadian adults about their financial planning habits now and over the past two years.

Respondents said they made major life decisions during the pandemic, such as 17% changing jobs and 12% moving to a new home.

Looking ahead, more than a third of Canadians say they plan to travel in the next 12 months and 13% say they plan to make a major purchase.

The poll also revealed that more than half of Canadians say their current financial situation is preventing them from making changes in their lives in the face of the rising cost of living and 75% of respondents say they are now more focused on smaller, more practical goals.

The polling industry trade body, the Canadian Research Council, says online polls cannot be assigned a margin of error because they do not randomly sample the population.


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