Behaviors Undermining the Safety and Security of the Stock Market Must Be Severely Punished | Company

The resolution states that it will improve mechanisms and policies to develop a safe, sound, efficient and sustainable capital market in order to stabilize the macro-economy and maximize resources for socio-economic development; effectively restructure and improve the operational efficiency of the stock market and money market, ensuring the security of the system; develop the stock market to become the main medium and long-term capital raising channel for the economy, continue the adjustment of the reasonable structure between the money market and the capital market, the stock market and the market bond.

By the end of 2025, the country will strive to achieve certain goals and targets in line with the financial strategy and the banking sector development strategy. Specifically, the stock market capitalization will reach 100% of GDP and the outstanding amount of bonds in the bond market will be at least 47% of GDP, of which the outstanding amount of corporate bonds will reach at least 20% of GDP.

The government has instructed the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Public Security and relevant agencies, according to the functions and tasks assigned to them. , to actively monitor the development of national and international capital and currency. markets to proactively and quickly implement measures to stabilize the market.

The government has instructed the Ministry of Public Security to lead and coordinate with relevant ministries and sectors to promptly detect and strictly deal with violations in the bond, stock and money markets, make the market healthy, protect the rights and legitimate interests of investors, to ensure a transparent, stable, safe and sustainable stock market, contributing to the development of production and business, accelerating economic growth and stabilizing the macro-economy; not to criminalize civil and economic relations; lead functional units and investigation and verification forces to strictly punish violations of the right people, with the right crimes according to law, ensure a transparent, stable and safe securities market, contribute to the development of production and business, accelerate economic growth, and stabilize the macro-economy; Strictly deal with violations, especially acts of reporting false and inaccurate information, causing harm to market safety and security.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Thuy Doan


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