3 Real Assets Robert Kiyosaki Is Loving Right Now


“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Sounds the Alarm – Again

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The Bank of England recently purchased £19.3 billion of UK government bonds to stave off a collapse in the country’s pension sector.

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In the eyes of Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, this is a sign to acquire three specific alternative assets.

“The Bank of England pivot means buying more GSBC,” he said in a recent tweet, referring to gold, silver and bitcoin.

“When pensions nearly collapsed, it revealed that central banks couldn’t fix… INFLATION. Pension has always invested in G&S. Pension funds are now investing in Bitcoin. They know that Fake $, stocks and bonds are toast.

Of course, gold, silver, and bitcoin aren’t exactly perfect investments.

Here’s a closer look at those strengths – and what Kiyosaki suggests you do to work around their limitations.

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Gold and silver

Precious metals – especially gold and silver – have been a popular hedge against inflation and uncertainty. They cannot be printed from scratch like fiat currency and their value is largely unaffected by economic events around the world.

Kiyosaki has long been a fan of gold – he first bought the yellow metal in 1972.

“I don’t buy gold because I like gold, I buy gold because I don’t trust the Fed,” he said in an interview last year. .

Kiyosaki also loves money. In fact, he recently tweeted “Best silver investment October 2022” and “Anyone can afford $20 silver.”

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Certainly, precious metals are not immune to the sell-off that has occurred this year. The price of gold has actually fallen around 9% in 2022, while silver has fallen almost 20%.

Although there are many ways to gain exposure to gold and silver, Kiyosaki simply prefers to buy the metal directly. Earlier this year, he tweeted that he only wanted “real gold or silver coins” and not ETFs.

The author also called the silver “good business” recently. So it might be time to visit your local bullion store.


Bitcoin investors have learned the hard way how volatile it can be.

Last November, bitcoin hit a high of $68,990. Today it is hovering around $19,500.

But Kiyosaki points to a potential catalyst for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency: pension funds.

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“Pension funds are the biggest investment firms in the world,” he comments in a recent tweet while sharing a Forbes story “Your state pension is playing cryptocurrency now.”

The article cited a 2022 study by the CFA Institute which shows that 94% of state and government pension plans have invested in cryptocurrencies.

There are many ways to mine bitcoin. You can buy the cryptocurrency directly, invest in bitcoin ETFs, or own shares of companies that have tied themselves to bitcoin.

A sideways scramble

While Kiyosaki loves gold, silver, and bitcoin, he didn’t say they were all the protection you need.

“Gold, Silver, Bitcoin can protect your WEALTH…but not your INCOME,” he wrote.

But the author also offers a solution.

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“As the economy crashes, stock markets crash, pensions plummet and unemployment rises, a SIDE HUSTLE can provide you with income.”

A secondary hustle is something you get paid for in addition to your full-time job. It allows you to earn extra income – and could even be a way to test the entrepreneurial waters.

“Who knows? Your side hustle might become the next Amazon or Bitcoin,” says Kiyosaki.

Pour a glass of recession resistance into your portfolio

Good wine is sweet comfort in any situation – and now it can make your investment portfolio a little more comfortable too.

Ownership of real assets like Fine wine could be the diversification you need to protect your portfolio against the volatile effects of inflation and recession.

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When the Dow Jones fell 22.7% during the COVID-19 recession, fine wines only fell 1.4%.

It also offers plenty of growth. Since 2005, Sotheby’s Fine Wine Index has increased by 316%.

Wealthy investors have kept this secret too long to themselves. Now a platform called Vinovest helps everyday shoppers invest in great wines — no sommelier certification required.

Vinovest automatically selects the best wines in your portfolio based on your goals and tells you the best times to sell to get the best value for your wine.

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