2 Under The Radar Alternative Investments Investors Overlook


With high inflation and declining markets, more and more investors are choosing alternative investments like real estate and private equity. These might be some of the most common, but a few underrated ones include fine art and collectibles.

fine arts

Art is a tangible good that cannot be printed out of thin air. These coins are also unique and cannot be duplicated, which maintains their value.

Another advantage of art is that it is inversely correlated to the stock market. Simply put, art moves in the opposite direction of the general market, allowing it to diversify.


Like fine art, collectibles are physical assets that are uncorrelated to markets and can be considered a hedge against inflation. However, collectibles cover a wider range of assets like coins, sports memorabilia, vintage cars, and even sneakers.

For example, a pair of 1985 Air Jordan’s Shattered Backboard shoes fetched $700,000 with a total of 70,000 shares outstanding.

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